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Letron manufactures Australia's Leading solar powered gate openers with 30 years of experience in solar gate openers.

Letron Auto Gates Australia gate openers are designs for residential homes, farms and industrial use. Letron Auto gate openers are made with high quality materials which are designed for all Australian harsh weather conditions. We include a plastic cover on Letron's heavy duty circuit board to provide protection of the circuit board for prolong use.

What's New

  • Letron Commercial Solar Flood lights System

    29 July at 21:48 from atlas

    Our new solar light systems are simply a good quick solutions for those dark areas and especially those area remote from power sources. ...

  • new product !!! solar flood light

    10 July at 18:51 from atlas

    Letron solar lights Great for areas with limited lights or remote from main power sources LETRON SOLAR FLOOD KIT EACH KIT ...

  • letron video footage on site recordings

    7 July at 09:41 from atlas

    Letron has been selling for many years in the market and here is a few on the road being used on site for many purposes whether for ...

  • Have two gate at your house?

    27 June at 14:50 from atlas

    Have you ever though about the two gates at the front of your house? Opening or closing in rain,hail or shine is just a inconvenient. ...

  • gate openers ??? why get one ?

    26 June at 15:04 from atlas

    Many people have wonder why we need a gate opener. Letron Gate openers are not only for convenient but also safety mechanism in which ...


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